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Zhiri Lang Krai will absent this week.
Houstown Trin Coach Bill O'Brien (BRIEN) revealed that he was probably absent from the game with Tennesi Titan, this week. It is Crawni's injury to the fight against the lap injury. Subsequently, the team officially announced that Crawn is determined to absent this week.

TXZAFE Coordinator Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.com Romeo Crennel also said: "His knee is still recovering, so he will not play this week."

In addition, O'Brien said that the team will not consider letting Crawni rest in the end of the season, but this obviously there is not small risk. After all, Clausen has only turned four games since the first battle of this season, and nfl jerseys this iso Ryan said: "I said before I worship, this is not good, he has no health this season. When the season, he got hern, and the race was hit by the wild horse, and the whole season They are suffering from knee injury. Some competitions can't beat, sometimes I will take injured, so we still need to continue to observe, try to make him more foreplay. "

O'Brien also said that the team star runs to Ali Foster, Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.Com the injury is basically cured, and will be repeated this week.