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Praat and Scripting Talks[edit | edit source]

(11/30/18) Dan McCloy's Praat scripting tutorial utilizing TextGrids to extract measurements. The .zip file includes the audio, TextGrids, and scripts.

Amandalynne's Praat scripting basics tutorial. The following set of files include the audio, TextGrid, script, and slides for the tutorial.

Matt Winn's Praat scripting tutorial. The following set of files include the slides and Praat scripts.

Technology/Computational Talks[edit | edit source]

Gina-Anne Levow's talk (11/2/18) on Automatic Speech Recognition and Forced Alignment: File:ASRForcedAlignment2018.pdf

Rob Squizzero's Talk (10/5/18) on CLOx Automated Transcription for Linguistic Interviews File:CLOx PhoneticsLab.pdf

Marina Oganyan's Talk (10/18/19) on using Pavlovia File:OnlineResearchPavlovia.pdf