Phonetics Lab Manuals

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Below are a collection of manuals for use in the Phonetics Lab or with Phonetics Lab equipment:

In-Lab Manuals[edit | edit source]

The Lab Booth Recording Manual: File:Booth Recording Guide.pdf

The Lab Booth Troubleshooting Guide: File:Booth Troubleshooting Guide.pdf

Equipment Manuals[edit | edit source]

H4n Zoom Recorder Manual: File:ZoomH4n.pdf

AT 4041 Microphone Manual: File:At4041Specs.pdf

AT 8035 Microphone Manual: File:At8035Specs.pdf

ioLabs USB bBox (for use with PsychoPy): File:IolabUsbbbox.pdf

iRig Pro Duo: File:IRigProUserManual.pdf

Tascam DR-680: File:DR-680.pdf

EGG EG2-PCX2: File:EGG EG2-PCX2.pdf