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Use of the Lab

To make recordings, conduct research, or use equipment in the UW Linguistic Phonetics Lab you must first be trained on equipment use and ethical research practices. One way to get training is to take LING 453/553. You must also have prior approval from the lab director, or designated faculty member, for any equipment use, and you must follow UW Linguistic Phonetics Lab protocol and etiquette. Students and faculty who intend to conduct ongoing research should attend the weekly UW Phonetics Lab meeting (the meeting schedule is posted on the lab's website).

Checking Out Equipment

If you'd like to check out any equipment, please make sure you're familiar with the equipment checkout policies and have followed all necessary steps. To reserve equipment, please go to the online reservation system. In addition to reserving equipment online, you should also use the paper equipment sign out sheet. The lab director or designated faculty member will sign the sheet when you check out the equipment and when you check the equipment back in.

Lab Meetings

All lab members are required to attend the bimonthly lab meetings (see schedule here).

Lab Website


Experimental Phonetics Resource Threads (ExPRTs)