Phonetics Lab Elicitation Methods

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This page is intended to be a guide to a the various methodologies used by members of the lab. If you have in-depth knowledge of how to conduct some particular type of study, please add a small section for it below.

Production Studies[edit | edit source]

Reading Tasks[edit | edit source]


Reading Passages

Conversational Tasks[edit | edit source]

A Sociolinguistic Interview

Maps and Directions

Bluffing Games

Perception Studies[edit | edit source]

Attitudes and Speech Perception (slides from Katie Drager's NWAV workshop, posted with permission) supplementary files

Categorization Tasks[edit | edit source]

Commutation Experiments

Coached Identification

Matched Guise Studies

Comparison Tasks[edit | edit source]

Discrimination Experiments (AxB)

Online Perception Studies[edit | edit source]

Below are different tools that can be used to perform online perceptual experiments. These tools allow you to embed audio for your studies.


LimeSurvey LimeSurvey is another online, open-source application. It too has a builder interface, and can be fully customized with further coding skills, making it accessible to beginners and advanced coders.